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Here’s a section where you can find out more about me! I am the product of 2 Haitian parents. To escape poverty, my parents migrated to the beautiful city of Montréal, Canada where I was born on July 11th, 1983. Weird right?! I mean how many Black Haitian Canadians do you know?!? Any who… to escape the cold we moved to South Florida in 1992.

At this point in my life, I have always lived with my maternal late great grandmother and grandmother under the same roof. Observing the care that my parents provided them sparked an interest in the medical field, which eventually led to my inspiration of becoming a physician. Upon graduating high school, I decided to attend the best state school, which is undeniably The University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.. Home of The Florida Gators.. Go Gators!

Upon Graduation from The University of Florida with a Health Science Education degree, I remained in Gainesville and worked part time as an Intervention Moderator at Tree Rivers Legal Services. Sounds really random, but they had a grant for a safer sex and sexually transmitted infection education intervention called VOICES. I stayed there for 3 years until I was blessed and received a scholarship to obtain a Masters of Public Health at Florida International University. Following that I earned a Masters of Biomedical Sciences at The Georgia Campus of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I was then accepted into their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program.

Medical school consumes all of your time and you need to become an expert at time management to survive. I’m sure there are many other professional students, parents etc. that deal with this and I wanted to help! A problem many of us busy people encounter is eating too much take out food made us feel HORRIBLE and eventually leads to our deterioration. This made me focus on enhancing my cooking skills and finding quick and healthy recipes that actually taste delicious! I posted many of my dishes on instagram with the hashtag #hungrymedstudent and my friends encouraged me to start a blog… So here I am…

Also special thanks to my beautiful artistic friend Kandice for designing my Hungry Med Student Logo!



And here is a gallery of pictures of SOME of my family, friends, and myself! I will update these sooner or later. lol

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